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With Turbex, you’ll be able to access an extensive range of high-quality cleaning machinery, backed by expert advice to help you find the right machine for the job.

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Whatever you need – whether it’s a bespoke solution, a standard machine or an aftercare solution – our attitude is always the same; never compromise

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Turbex returns to MACH 2024

Turbex are returning to MACH 2024 – a showcase for UK Manufacturing. We’re excited to be sharing this event with the most prominent engineers and technology services in the manufacturing industry.

Find us at MACH 2024! 15th-19th April

Achieve safe depowdering with the AT350-E system

Learn more about it here

Discover Turbex component cleaning solutions

For 40 years, we’ve supplied the aerospace, medical, automotive, manufacturing and hydraulics industries with expert-approved systems for component cleaning. You’ll also have access to bespoke surface treatment solutions across our range of designs.

Turbex’s approach to Depowdering

Together with Solukon Maschinenbau, Turbex can help with the depowdering of metal laser-melted parts in the additive manufacturing industry.

Bespoke surface treatment solutions

Explore a range of surface treatment and non-destructive testing solutions, each designed to maximise your use of space.  

Automated Anodising line

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Get in touch to arrange your free cleaning trial today or, alternatively, send in your components for us to do. You’ll receive a  full report on the best way to reach the required cleanliness levels.

Industries we work in

From Aerospace to Watch & Jewellery manufacturing, Turbex works with a range of industries. Our in-depth knowledge and experience of each market helps us to meet the ever-changing demands in your sector.

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What our clients say…

“We noticed that Turbex was the only supplier that had embraced new technology and incorporated many additional features in their machine…”

Andrew Bryce, Director for Innovation and Engineering. Fort Vale, Simonstone

“We opted for the Turbex machine on the basis of what we saw. We considered it to be the best quality in terms of its robust, stainless steel construction and the attention to detail that has gone into its design.”

Kevin Baker, Director. South West Metal Finishing

Latest news…

Discover our latest news section, here you can find case studies about our customers’ machines and find out more about our upcoming or past events.

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Find us at MACH 2024! 15th-19th April stand 17-331, NEC Birmingham

Turbex are excited to announce our return to MACH 2024- a showcase for UK Manufacturing.

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Solukon SPR-Pathfinder® software helps clean complex parts in record time

Unveiled in November 2022, Solukon SPR-Pathfinder® software is a direct response to the increasingly complex…

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Vacuum Drying: Applications, Principles and Designs

Vacuum drying provides product-friendly drying, reaching deep pores quickly – even at low temperatures.

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What are the advantages of water-based precision rotation cleaning for the medical industry?

For those in the medical industry, there is a wealth of choice when it comes to cleaning options and…

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Automated depowdering in the aerospace and space industry

Additive manufacturing requires careful and sophisticated postprocessing to be a viable production tool….

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MAFAC unveils new cleaning process for capillary structures

With MAFAC’s new Vacuum Activated Purification, there is an economical aqueous solution to clean deep holes…

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