Component Cleaning Trials

Visit us for free cleaning trials with your components at our Cleaning Technology Centre

Getting it right

Precision cleaning can be a complicated process to get right, with many different decisions to be made that can have an impact on the finished result. Have you chosen the correct machine? Do you need to rinse your components? Will they dry without watermarks, or do you need a dryer? Filtration? Oscillation? Which detergent? Do I need fixtures? Duration of wash cycle? The list is endless.

We can help you to find the answers to these questions and more. We have many years of experience in doing just that and a showroom full of machinery in which to experiment. Through a mixture of our expert knowledge and trial and error test runs, we will find the right machine, process and cleaning solution to work for you.

Cleaning Technology Centre

At our Cleaning Technology Centre in Hampshire, we carry out comprehensive cleaning trials for both existing and new customers. We have extensive facilities and high-quality machines where we can show you the latest cleaning methods. These include spray wash and ultrasonics with rinsing, oil separation, and filtration on both manual and automated systems.

Visit us for a free cleaning trial or send in your components for us to do. We will deliver a full report on the best way to reach the required cleanliness levels and return your parts to you.

Completely satisfy yourself that the cleaning system we recommend is the right machine for the job.

Further resources

If your cleaning requirement needs a machine that isn’t in our showroom, we can send your components to one of our partners who do. Their specialists can perform the trials for you using their expert knowledge. Once complete, they will return your parts along with a report and any recommendations.


As if that wasn’t enough, we can also help you with any accessories you may need. We offer a wide variety of baskets and special fixtures, some of which we have at our showroom. These can be ‘off the shelf’ standard or fully customised to suit you and your components.

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