Rail Industry Cleaning

Turbex can help with your inter-stage or final cleaning process during the maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) in the rail industry. Our solutions cover locomotive engines and components, including the cleaning of wheelsets and bogies.

Turbex can help you

Turbex has the expertise to deliver complete decontamination of both parts in service and repair depots serving the rail industry. We are fully able and equipped to supply to companies specialising in a major overhaul of rolling stock.

Rail applications



Intermediate clean

Final cleaning



Rust/carbon removal


Advantages at a glance


Environmentally friendly

Application support to ensure the optimum cleaning process

Efficient cleaning process

High-quality manufacture

Innovative design principles

Stainless steel construction

Full after-sales support

Spray wash

The AC range includes heavy-duty, aqueous front-loading, spray washing machines. They have proved incredibly popular for cleaning and degreasing large, heavy components. Manufactured from stainless steel, the AC programme comprises single and multi-stage units with options for one, two or three process tanks. Standard sizes range from one to three metres in diameter and up to 4-tonne load weight, although larger machine sizes are also available.

Wheelset cleaner

Our wheelset cleaner can have either one or two lifting doors and can be built with a through conveyor if you choose the two-door option. We can add a range of options to your machine so it will produce the perfect results time after time. These include a manually operated spray lance for pre-cleaning; an oil separator to separate oil from the cleaning liquid; high-performance filtration for removing oil, mud, sand, and other small particles which increases liquid life significantly.

Bogie cleaner

Bogie cleaners improve maintenance efficiency and reduce the customer’s environmental impact. The bogie is cleaned in a two-stage cleaning process: stage 1 – cleaning and stage 2 – rinsing.

A conveyor system moves the bogie inside the cabin for cleaning and out again after the process has finished. The smart touch screen HMI control system is operator-friendly, and the cleaning machine allows for easy maintenance.

Ultrasonic cleaning systems

The intermediate and final cleaning of items such as nuts and bolts require ultrasonic cleaning. This removes contaminants, such as process residues, oil, particulate, and grease. A variety of liquid maintenance options ensure optimum performance time after time, and an oil separator gives the ability to use de-emulsifying cleaners. The different tank sizes make the units suitable for use in a production or maintenance environment. 

Ultrasonic cleaning is ideal for removing large quantities of contamination and for cleaning tasks that require a multi-stage process. The two different multi-frequency fields ensure real flexibility for the range, which allows for high precision cleaning or less arduous tasks alike.

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