Electronic Component Cleaning

From automated multi-stage ultrasonic lines to smaller benchtop tanks, Turbex has the cleaning solution for you.

Turbex can help you

Multi-stage cleaning of electrical and electronic components, often with ultrasonics, is a key service that we offer. Crucially, Turbex has extensive experience providing this service for both high-end military and aerospace applications.

Electronic Applications

In-process cleaning

Final cleaning

Passivation lines

Multi-frequency ultrasonics for improved cleaning performance

Advantages at a glance

Data-logging and traceability

Cost-effective and efficient cleaning process

Environmentally friendly

A proven track record within the industry

Validation of units and lines for each cleaning process step

Innovative design principles

High-quality manufacture

Stainless steel construction

Full after-sales support

Application support to ensure an optimum cleaning process

Ultrasonic cleaning systems

The intermediate and final cleaning of items such as electrical and electronic components requires ultrasonic cleaning. This method removes contaminants including process residues, oil, polishing compounds, and particulate. A variety of liquid maintenance options ensure optimum performance time after time, and an oil separator gives the ability to use de-emulsifying cleaners. Plus, the different tank sizes make the units suitable for use in a production or maintenance environment. 

Ultrasonic cleaning is ideal for removing large quantities of contamination and for cleaning tasks that require a multi-stage process. The two different multi-frequency fields ensure real flexibility for the range, which allows for high-precision cleaning as well as less arduous tasks.

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