Automated Chemical Etching Lines

Turbex delivers the complete package and aftercare. Ready to use chemical etching lines from planning and designing through to installation and start-up.

What is chemical etching?

Chemical etching is a manufacturing method used by major original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) and their suppliers. It uses the subtractive machining process to chemically corrode metal components to produce extra features like pockets and channels. Typically, the chemical etching process involves five steps: cleaning, masking, scribing, etching and demasking.

How does chemical etching work?

By submerging components into baths of temperature-regulated etching chemicals, you remove a thin layer of surface material, and so create the required shape. You do this process before penetrant inspection, which typically uses caustic or alkaline baths or solutions. Our modular chemical etching lines are fully automated to optimise the operation and significantly lower energy & labour costs.

When to use chemical etching?

The aerospace industry uses our chemical etching lines for manufacturing a wide range of complex metal components. It is crucial when mechanical machining is not an option, and metal removal and finish have to be uniform.

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