Spare parts

Here at Turbex we have a wide choice of spare parts available to suit the machine, components and application you require. Expert advice for the right choice of detergent will ensure your machine will give optimum performance time after time.

Spare parts

It is important to us that your machine runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Depending on your throughput, breakdowns can have a severe impact on productivity and can also mean missed quotas and deadlines. The result of this could lead to unsatisfied customers or, in worst-case scenarios, lost business. We are committed to providing outstanding after-sales support, ensuring that we keep the downtime of your machine to an absolute minimum.

A popular trend among our customers is to request a quote for critical spares when purchasing a new machine or because being prepared helps their business. It is an excellent idea to have essential parts to hand in case of emergency and has helped more than one customer out of trouble. By cutting out the ordering process and subsequent delivery time, our engineers will be able to help you get up and running in no time at all.

Ordering spare parts

As we wouldn’t dream of leaving you in the lurch, Turbex supplies spare parts for every machine we sell. We carry a large stock of consumable and non-consumable spare parts at our warehouse in Alton, Hampshire. Including, amongst many others, door seals, filter bags and heating elements. If we have the replacement part in stock, we can offer next day delivery in many cases.

Each of our engineers holds a stock of essential spare parts, so we can often fix the issue there and then on-site. If a non-stock item is required to repair your machine, we will order it from our head office and return to finish the job once you have received the part.

All that we need to be able to quote you is to know what part and what machine. Our machines have a legend plate with all of its information and a user manual with exploded diagrams and part numbers. If you are unsure precisely what you need, our spares department or office-based technical support will be able to help you.

All of our spare parts come with a warranty.

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