Together with Solukon Maschinenbau, Turbex can help with the depowdering of metal laser-melted parts in the additive manufacturing industry.



Turbex can help you

Hailed as a game-changer in the additive manufacturing industry, depowdering solutions can make a real difference to your operation.

Turbex’s approach to depowdering

We’ve teamed up with Solukon Maschinenbau to bring its innovative Smart Powder Recuperation technology SPR® to our UK customers.

Solukon’s cleaning solutions meet the highest functionality and safety standards that the industry demands. Their depowdering solutions are trusted by leading manufacturers and service providers such as NASA, Siemens and ArianeGroup, and are approved for safe and reliable removal of tough-to-handle and reactive materials, including titanium and aluminium.

What is depowdering?

In the additive manufacturing industry, metal parts accrue excess powder which requires specialist equipment to remove it. Depowdering is a weak link in the metal AM process. The issues faced by users include the risk of explosion, occupational health, labour costs, powder recovery, cleaning quality and process repeatability. A backdrop to these operational issues is a growing trend towards regulation and standardisation, which pushes manufacturers to think more carefully about their manufacturing processes, both at the level of requirements for the part itself, such as cleanliness and process repeatability, and at the level of the manufacturing facility in general. 

The Solukon automated de-powdering solution, with highly efficient vibration and unlimited freedom of motion, have had a major impact on innovation as it assures a gentle and time-saving de-powdering with reproducible cleaning results. Current powder removal processes are typically manual. On the surface, manual cleaning does not appear to require much knowhow and can be performed by using blowing or brushing. The truth is that manual cleaning very often is unable to remove stubborn powder consistently and reliably. Automated and secure depowdering of metal laser-melted parts can help. 

Our specialist equipment ensures the removal of trapped powder, reclaiming it without contamination in a repeatable, certifiable way.

Depowdering machines

SFM – AT200

The SFM-AT200 provides a compact depowdering unit for powder removal of metal laser-melted parts. The internal stainless steel design makes the SFM-AT200  ideal for items such as medical components with high cleaning requirements. Its compact design optimises the footprint as well as the consumption of inert gas.

All images © Solukon Maschinenbau GmbH

Solukon cleaning machine

SFM – AT350

Based on the unique Solukon Smart Powder Recuperation technology SPR®, the SFM-AT350 can be used to clean parts produced on all additive manufacturing systems. It cleans metal laser-melted parts within a sealed process chamber, with targeted vibration and automated two-axis rotation.

All images © Solukon Maschinenbau GmbH

SFM – AT800-S

The SFM-AT800-S removes powder from metal laser-melted parts within a sealed process chamber, with targeted vibration and automated two-axis rotation. This machine is a special version of the SFM-AT800. It incorporates two endless rotating axes with two programmable servo-drives that can move the part along any imaginable path.

All images © Solukon Maschinenbau GmbH

Solukon cleaning machine

SFM – AT1000-S

An upscale of the well-established SFM-AT800-S, the SFM-AT1000-S is optimised for automatic depowdering of parts with an extraordinary height of up to 1,000 mm. The state-of-the art design is specialised in the requirements of powder removal from extraordinarily high and complex parts.

All images © Solukon Maschinenbau GmbH

Solukon cleaning machines

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