Industrial Detergents

Here at Turbex we have a wide choice of detergents available to suit the machine, components and application you require. Expert advice for the right choice of detergent will ensure your machine will give optimum performance time after time.

Detergents available at Turbex

We stock a wide choice of industrial detergents to suit your machine, components and application. You can purchase just one drum or in bulk, if prefered, from our warehouse in Alton, Hampshire. All of our chemicals leave us with a material safety data sheet (MSDS), and we can send a technical data sheet (TDS) on request.

Because we sell a wide range of machines, it goes without saying that we sell an even wider range of detergents. These range from cleaning and degreasing solutions for spray wash machines to the frequently asked for general ultrasonic cleaner detergent and more specialised options for the more demanding ultrasonic cleaning applications.  Some solvents (sometimes referred to as solvent-based detergents) are also available. We also sell various chemicals to assist with different processes, including; phosphating, de-rust, de-burr, surface treatment, corrosion protection and many others.

Choosing the correct detergent

Often underestimated, the correct choice of detergent is as essential as other factors within the overall cleaning requirement. Understanding the process and chemistry involved in removing contamination, whilst protecting the component, is critical. Combining the correct machine specification, detailed process programming, and a suitable industrial detergent for machine cleaning will ensure you get optimum performance time after time. 

At our Cleaning Technology Centre, we carry out comprehensive trials that help determine the correct process, including the best detergent, for your application. Based upon these trials and our expert knowledge within the industry, we can recommend a combination of machine, process and cleaning solution that meets your required cleanliness levels.

We work with the leading detergent manufacturers, so rest assured that you will receive top quality solutions to enhance your cleaning process.

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