Tunnel wash systems

Turbex Tunnel Wash Systems have been designed for continuous operation. They also come with a range of optional accessories, which enable us to match the machine to the cleaning application.

What is tunnel wash cleaning?

A chain or net conveyor transport your components through the tunnel. We clean your products by spraying heated liquid onto the parts from above, the sides and below in the wash & rinse zones.

How does tunnel wash cleaning work?

Multiple spray pipes equip all zones in the tunnel system. The transporter speed, as well as the zone length, are adjusted per the component sizes and your capacity requirements, to achieve the desired cycle time. The re-circulated washing liquid is pumped from each tank with its specific pump into the corresponding zone, and it is returned to the tank via a filter basket. A tunnel wash system can provide a consistently high standard of cleaning (and drying if specified). With many months between changes of the washing fluid and easy serviceability, it is a machine you can rely on.

When to use tunnel wash cleaning?

Tunnel wash cleaning is excellent for high capacity applications and integration into production processes, especially for companies within the:

  • Automotive industry  
  • Manufacturing of components 
  • Hydraulics Industry
  • Nuclear energy sector

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