Wheelset and Bogie Cleaners


Our wheelset and bogie cleaners are designed specifically for the rail industry. They are a crucial part of the maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) process. Wheelset cleaners are operator friendly machines that produce excellent cleaning results.

Bogie cleaners use a reciprocating spray system with nozzles to apply hot detergent to components from all angles, whereas. wheelset cleaners use a fixed spray with a rotation system. A rinsing stage can follow both methods.

We can also add a range of options to your machine so it will produce the perfect results time after time. These include; a manually operated spray lance for pre-cleaning; an oil separator to separate oil from the cleaning liquid; high-performance filtration for removing oil, mud, sand and other small particles which increases liquid life significantly.

Bogie cleaners improve maintenance efficiency and reduce environmental impact. The bogie is cleaned in a two-stage cleaning process for both cleaning and rinsing. A conveyor system moves the bogie inside the cabin for cleaning and out again after the process has finished. The smart touch screen HMI control system is operator friendly and the cleaning machine can be easily maintained.

For both machine ranges, a reciprocating spray system with nozzles carries out the cleaning process. The hot detergent is sprayed from all directions onto the components with a high mechanical effect. A rinsing stage follows to achieve a high level of cleanliness. In each step, the liquid is filtered before entering into the tank and is then re-circulated.

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