MAFAC unveils new cleaning process for capillary structures

Components with angled ducts and narrow capillary structures have always been challenging for the parts cleaning industry.

This challenge is only made more difficult by high costs and increased thresholds for cleanliness. But now, with MAFAC’s new Vacuum Activated Purification, there is an economical aqueous solution to clean deep holes with narrow cross-sections.

How does it work?

Through purposefully introduced and carefully controlled alternating pressures, MAFAC’s VAP technology enhances the effects of spray and flood cleaning:

  1. Firstly, the cleaning chamber is evacuated and flooded to a pre-determined level. 
  2. Next, cleaning agents penetrate the blind holes and capillaries to dissolve dirt particles. 
  3. Finally, alternating pressures create a media exchange, causing contaminants to be removed in a material friendly way.

Stefan Schaal, Technical Managing Director at MAFAC, explains that they have “succeeded in taking another technological step” through VAP. This technology allows cleaning to “reach deep, capillary structures. In these geometries that are critical for cleaning, this process provides for an improved exchange of media and thus for an improved removal of dirt”.

Is this process suitable for high-grade cleaning requirements?

MAFAC’s patented counter or co-rotating basket receptacle spaying system works in unison with VAP technology for improved cleanliness. For parts with capillary and complex structures, MAFAC’s solution is flexible and can be tailored for individual requirements. 

VAP can be used in virtually any application, but is particularly suited for the following industries:

  • Medical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Laster Industries
  • Optical Industries 

Vacuum Activated Purification can even be tasked with cleaning 3D printed componentry.

Who are MAFAC?

Founded in 1968, MAFAC have been leaders in the industrial parts cleaning industry since 1974. Now a prominent manufacturer for aqueous parts cleaning technologies, MAFAC create versatile, compact machines which can be tailored to suit a range of requirements. 

MAFAC’s technologies are used cross-industry, from automotive and aerospace to machine building and medical engineering. From their dedicated Alpirsbach site in the Black Forest, MAFAC construct and develop their patented cleaning technologies, setting the standard for efficiency and cleaning effectiveness. 

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