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MACH 2018 Preview Information - Hall 7, Stand 240


Turbex ( will launch at MACH 2018 its ProLine 2 range of automated cleaning lines, intended for applications where a very high level of precision cleaning is needed. There are four variants in the modular, fine and ultra-fine cleaning line range - Easy, Auto, Semi and Auto+. Available in five tank sizes, they offer different levels of capability including semi-automatic handling and also cater for various component weights and production quantities. The Auto+ model includes a noise reduction enclosure that doubles as a clean room interface.

A hallmark of these machines is multi-frequency ultrasonics, enabling a single transducer to generate two different ultrasonic frequencies. Cycle times can be significantly shorter and there is the added advantage that dis-similar components and materials can be processed in the same tank. An additional feature of ProLine 2 is the option of side-mounted ultrasonic technology for special component geometries. Different drying systems are available including hot air, infrared and vacuum to allow optimum processing of different materials.

All products, which range from bespoke, multi-tank cleaning and drying lines down to small bench-top units, are aimed primarily at high-end manufacturers in the optics, medical, and precision manufacturing industries. However, the aerospace, automotive, nuclear, electronics and general engineering sectors are also target markets.

Global and targeted cleaning in a single process

To be promoted for the first time in the UK will be targeted cleaning, rinsing and drying technology in a single chamber machine. It works alongside global spray-flood action, coupled with highly controllable kinematics and rotatable ultrasonic transducers. The targeted / global tandem process is intended for efficient and reliable removal of swarf, oil and other contaminants from difficult-to-reach areas such as undercuts, blind bores and intricate channels.

Aimed in particular at manufacturers in the hydraulics and diecasting industries, it addresses the problem of accessible surfaces of complex components being over-cleaned before the cleanliness of interior contours meets the required specification.

Central to the new process is a tool positioning system into which the parts to be cleaned are fixtured. Via integrated nozzles in specific locations to suit the components, water or air is guided directly to bores, channels, holes and other difficult areas to be cleaned. Newly developed central bearing kinematics with dual-channel rotary feedthrough assist projection of the cleaning medium, making it flow with a high degree of turbulence.

Currently, targeted cleaning is available on the JAVA and PALMA machines. Other benefits of the process include lower process temperature and hence energy savings, shorter cleaning times, reproducible quality and reduced consumption of cleaning chemicals. A video showing the principle of targeted cleaning and drying may be viewed at:

Processing of larger components

On show for the first time will be a heavy duty aqueous model from the new Turbex multi-stage ACV range of front-loading, spray washing and rinsing machines. The main feature of the latest-generation models are a vertical rather than a horizontal pump, resulting in more powerful cleaning and quieter operation.

The machines have proved particularly popular in the UK for degreasing, precision cleaning, phosphating, paint removal, descaling and de-rusting. Manufactured from stainless steel, the AC programme comprises both single- and multi-stage units with options for one, two or three process tanks. Standard sizes range from one to three metres in diameter, although larger machine sizes are available.

These PLC-controlled machines provide a high level of cleaning performance due to ingenious design principles combined with high spray pressures and liquid flow rates achieved by the powerful pump. The spray system, also of stainless steel, rotates around a fixed load that can weigh several tonnes. Acoustic as well as thermal insulation protect operators from undue noise and heat.

Air blast and hot air drying stages are optional, as is gas instead of electric heating. Other optional accessories include steam extraction, automatic refill, an oil skimmer or separator and a detergent dosing unit. A manually operated spray lance with its own impeller pump can also be supplied, allowing particularly awkward soils to be removed. Alternatively, temporary use of the equipment as a manual spray booth is possible.

Ultrasonic tanks

Completing the exhibits will be models from the Turbex range of bench-top and floor-standing ultrasonic cleaning tanks, which can be used stand-alone, as bench-mounted units or as part of an integrated modular cleaning system.

Available in a variety of sizes, they feature a welded stainless steel tank, double lid with thermal and acoustic insulation, thermostatically controlled indirect heating in the side walls, and an electronic control with digital time / temperature display. A level guard cuts off the heating and ultrasonics if there is insufficient liquid in the tank.

A variety of options is available, such as stainless steel work baskets, filtration, a storage tank with oil separator, and a hot air dryer.

Photograph caption: Schematic of the Turbex targeted cleaning system.

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