Vacuum drying machines


If you’re working at low temperatures, but need a rapid drying process that protects the product whilst reaching deep pores, then vacuum drying is the solution.

The component is placed inside the vacuum chamber and subjected to the vacuum, which reduces the boiling point and evaporates the water, even at low temperatures. The pressure (vacuum) reaches all parts of the component, so the moisture is completely evaporated and discharged via the vacuum system, allowing for an incredibly efficient drying method.

As machine requirements can differ significantly, we usually build our vacuum dryers to a specific design from standard components, meaning, you get the exact machine you need for a competitive price. We can also retrofit our dryers to an existing line, or you can use them as a stand-alone machine with a PLC control panel. They come in round or rectangular designs, and as an open-top, front-loading, tunnel or bespoke system.

There are many advantages to using a vacuum dryer, including temperature-sensitive components, reduced energy/operating costs, shorter cycle/drying times and the ability to dry complex geometry components.

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