Non-Halogenated Solvent Machines


Suitable for a wide range of tasks – from ultra-fine cleaning to degreasing – our non-halogenated solvent machines provide a great eco-alternative to traditional cleaning.

With similar cleaning properties to classic chlorinated hydrocarbon solvents, halogen-free solvents deliver effective cleaning, but are kinder to the environment and, with the right training, are safe to use for your colleagues.

How do non-halogenated machines work?

Your parts are placed in a hermetically-sealed chamber which is flooded with hot solvent, either with pressure media circulation or ultrasound. Steam degreasing is then applied to provide effective cleaning to every crevice and surface. Following the cleaning process, the components are carefully dried in a vacuum.

When to use non-halogenated solvent machines?

Suitable for a wide-range of degreasing tasks.

Can also be used for ultra-fine cleaning tasks.

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