Modified Alcohol Machines


Especially configured for use with modified alcohol, Turbex’s RCTS cleaning machines provide optimum results, every time. We understand that, in your industry, parts need to be cleaned and dried effectively to ensure the longevity of your equipment. That’s why our equipment operates above the flash-point of the solvent to deliver exceptional deep-cleaning designed to remove harmful particles and corrosives.

How do modified alcohol machines work?

How it works is simple. First, your components are placed in a basket in the working chamber, which is then hermetically-sealed. The working chamber is then flooded with hot modified alcohol solvent, either with pressure media circulation or ultrasound, before steam degreasing is applied. Once completely cleaned, parts are dried in a vacuum.

When to use modified alcohol machines?

Suitable for a wide-range of degreasing tasks.

Can also be used for ultra-fine cleaning tasks.

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