Floor Standing Component Dryers


Our range of Pro-Line floor standing dryers can be integrated as part of a manual or fully automated multi-stage line to provide an efficient cleaning system. They come in five different sizes ranging from 32 to 165 litres, and can also be retrofitted to existing machines or used as a stand-alone machine… Excellent at drying machined components, the Pro-Line floor standing dryers can work on individual components or in bulk, and supports the use of a rotating basket to aid the process.

In order to achieve optimum cleaning results, the cleaned parts must be suitably dried after the ultrasound or rinsing bath cleaning cycle. There are many different methods of drying, including warm-air, continuous flow, infra-red or vacuum, all of which allow parts to be dried quickly and efficiently.

These standing dryers include a multitude of user-friendly devices, including a top-loading design and a digital display for target and actual temperatures. The integrated temperature monitor also controls the temperature of the parts during the drying cycle.

The Pro-Line range of floor-standing drying units is perfect for medical, optics and aerospace environments.

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