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The Evo Automated System removes contaminants such as process residues, oil, polishing compounds, particulate, wax, and grease. The Evo automated range comes in three different sizes, ranging from between 60 and 170 litres. with two different multi-frequency versions. Intermediate and final cleaning can be achieved both individually and in bulk (using a rotating basket).

A variety of liquid maintenance options ensure optimum performance time after time, and an oil separator gives the ability to use de-emulsifying cleaners. The different tank sizes make the units suitable for use in a production or maintenance environment.

Ultrasonic cleaning is ideal for removing large quantities of contamination and for cleaning tasks that require a multi-stage process. The two different multi-frequency fields ensure real flexibility for the range, which allows for high precision cleaning as well as less arduous tasks.

Full automation will make your process much more manageable with a multi basket transport system (MBT) that can manage several baskets simultaneously. Adjustable, PLC controlled settings for different treatment times per stage means you have full control of the process. You can add automatic conveyors at each end of the line to further streamline, as well as full aluminium framed encapsulation of the machine.

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