The Palma offers ideal features for process-safe cleaning of sensitive parts with complex geometry. During the washing & rinsing stages, the spray and flood cleaning functions can be individually combined. Thus, achieving high levels of cleanliness. A special quick-flood system allows for full flooding of the cleaning chamber within 30 seconds.

Based on the basket/spray rotation method, a special hot air flow drying system has been invented to operate within the rotating system. It has been especially designed for high-quality full body drying of complex shaped components, in particular for parts with recessed areas, e.g. narrow bevels and undercuts. As a result, process times are reduced, while efficiency is increased significantly, due to the enhanced drying performance.

Standard Features

  • Innovative machine design for quick maintenance and easy servicing
  • Front loading machine with automatic door opening at end of cycle
  • EURO standard baskets can be used (600mm x 400mm x 288mm)
  • Coarse filtration on liquid return to tank
  • Thermostatically controlled electric heating with over temperature alarm/cut-off
  • Thermal insulation of tanks
  • Steam extraction with condenser unit (No need for ducting to atmosphere)
  • Coalescing oil separator with high level alarm in waste oil container
  • Automatic water refill with high level alarm
  • Spray and/or-flood-cleaning capabilities

Optional Features

  • Ultrasonic unit
  • Increased working dimensions up to 660mm x 480mm x 338mm
  • Quick-flooding of process chamber
  • Fine filtration on pressure side of pump
  • Increased pump output system media tank 1
  • Basket rotation speed control including basket oscillation
  • Internal light within wash chamber
  • Deionised water rinsing
  • Modem for remote diagnosis for the control system
  • Combined rotating compressed air and hot air dry
  • Low pressure flow drying
  • Drip tray under machine
  • Drain pump
  • Loading trolley
  • Automatic load/unload and transfer system