With a minimum of space, the Kea offers high-end technology for a wide range of applications. There are numerous benefits to this compact single tank cleaning system, two of which are its small footprint and its reduced noise level.

The basis for reliable cleaning results with the Kea is its unique invention of the spray cleaning process with counter - or co-rotation of the basket. The special design of the spraying system, including flat beam as well as full beam jets, allows for impulse on-the-spot cleaning of components as well as general surface cleaning. The cleaned parts are dried by a stationary hot air pulse blower system using two alternating pipes for the blowing process.

Standard Features

  • Innovative machine design for quick maintenance and easy servicing
  • Front loading machine with automatic door opening at end of cycle
  • Spray system integrating a flat beam of jets as well as a full beam of jets and a rotating loading system
  • EURO standard baskets can be used (600mm x 400mm x 288mm)
  • Coarse filtration on liquid return to tank
  • Thermostatically controlled electric heating with over temperature alarm/cut-off
  • Thermal insulation of tank
  • Steam extraction with condenser unit (No need for ducting to atmosphere)
  • Coalescing oil separator with high level alarm in waste oil container
  • Automatic water refill with high level alarm

Optional Features

  • Fine filtration on pressure side of pump
  • Internal light within wash chamber
  • Basket rotation speed control including basket oscillation
  • Service mode for preheating the tank and oil separation
  • Enhanced wash pump for more demanding applications
  • Machine frame made from stainless steel
  • Stationary double pipe hot air pulse blower system
  • Low-pressure flow drying
  • Drip tray under machine
  • Drain pump
  • Load trolley