Excellent cleaning results with the Java are achieved by operating the standard feature of spray-flood cleaning. The partial flooding of the cleaning chamber is carried out simultaneously to spray cleaning of parts, supported by the patented rotation of the cleaning system and the holding basket. Flood cleaning operations are especially effective for components with areas that cannot be reached directly by the cleaning detergent due to undercuts and hidden contours.

The Java significantly contributes to the reduction of secondary process times by its high-performing quick-draining operation. Effective bath care is guaranteed by a standard coalescing oil separator.

Standard Features

  • Innovative machine design for quick maintenance and easy servicing
  • Front loading machine with automatic door opening at end of cycle
  • EURO standard baskets can be used (600mm x 400mm x 288mm)
  • Coarse filtration on liquid return to tank
  • Thermostatically controlled electric heating with over temperature alarm/cut off
  • Thermal insulation of tanks
  • Steam extraction with condenser unit (No need for ducting to atmosphere)
  • Coalescing oil separator with high level alarm in waste oil container
  • Automatic water refill with high level alarm
  • Spray and/or flood-cleaning capabilities
  • Touchscreen Operator control panel with a Windows “Look & Feel”

Optional Features

  • Spray rinsing process available
  • Increased working dimensions up to 660mm x 480mm x 338mm
  • Combined Rotating compressed air and hot air dry
  • Hot air drying system
  • Fine filtration on pressure side of the pump
  • internal light within wash chamber
  • Basket rotation speed control including basket oscillation
  • Service mode for preheating the tank and oil separation
  • Larger wash pump for improved performance
  • Drip tray under machine
  • Drain pump
  • Detergent Dosing
  • Deionised water rinsing
  • Load trolley
  • Conveyors
  • Automatic load/unload and transfer system
  • Larger Touchscreen Operator control panel with a Windows “Look & Feel”, together with enhanced graphical process visualization