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The XB range of floor-standing ultrasonic cleaners are perfect for production or maintenance and service environments. Extensive equipment features ensure that operating the machine is easy and effective. All machines are on castors and can be used easily within different areas of the production or workshop areas.

The ultrasonic frequency of 25 kHz (for coarse cleaning) or 45 kHz (for finer cleaning) can be set manually with the XB range. The floor-standing ultrasonic cleaners are available in 6 different sizes (30 to 250 litres filling volume) and also include an integrated Sweep function and a Pulse function for optimum ultrasonic distribution and enhanced cleaning effect.

Standard Features

  • Multi-frequency technology: 25 and 45 kHz in one unit for coarse cleaning jobs and for fine cleaning before surface processing
  • Available in 6 different sizes
  • Ergonomic operation: robust, easy to operate, clearly arranged, splash-water proof
  • Sweep – uniform power distribution throughout the bath
  • Pulse – additional power for difficult cleaning applications
  • Inclined tank floor to help scouring of coarse contamination particles
  • Mounted on castors for easy handling

Optional Features

  • Insulated lid
  • Stainless-steel lid