Turbex Continue To Deliver Galvatek Compact Lines Technology

Turbex can bring its customers a new and versatile Compact Lines solution from Galvatek that’s tailored to specific surface treatment requirements. 

As demand grows for more cost-effective ways to deliver automated surface treatment, Turbex works with Galvatek to bring its ground-breaking Compact Lines technology to factories throughout the UK. 

This surface treatment solution is perfect for small components and can be fully customised to its users’ requirements. Furthermore, following a course of stringent quality control and testing at the company’s facility, Galvatek’s Compact Lines equipment will arrive pre-assembled on-site in one or multiple modules. 

John Huntingdon, Managing Director of Turbex, believes this partnership directly benefits customers: “Galvatek Compact Lines are conveniently pre-assembled and tested at the manufacturer’s premises before they’re brought to site, ready to be installed. For our customers, this will minimise costs arising from disruption to production.”

Designed with versatility and safety in mind 

Thanks to the in-built Candovent ventilation system, the equipment
can be installed anywhere in a factory with no special room required. Galvatek’s Compact Lines offers maximum flexibility and safety.

The lines are manufactured according to EU regulations and certified for the highest quality CE mark. Despite using highly-concentrated chemicals suited to the acid etching processes, the equipment won’t emit any hazardous fumes, creating a safe working environment for all. 

For more information about Galvatek’s Compact Lines get in touch today.