ES Steam Cleaners Medical


With selectable pressure modes of “soft” and “strong”, individual regulation of moisture in the steam and strong heating power, our ES 8 steam cleaning machine is ready for the most challenging cleaning tasks.

You can use a steam cleaning machine by itself or at various stages of a cleaning process in conjunction with an ultrasonic bath. During pre-cleaning, much of the contamination is removed or softened, therefore carrying less dirt across to the next stage. This process will shorten the cleaning cycle and prolong the life of the cleaning machine. Rinsing with pure water removes particles and residues of the ultrasonic bath, and an optional compressed air function can aid in the drying of your components.

We can build your steam cleaner to include various features within the specification. These include a hand-held nozzle with a long or short hose, compressed air connection and auto-refill. The individually adjustable Eco-mode makes sure that the unit closes automatically down to minimum operating pressure to save energy and cost.

This machine is ideal for use in the medical and dental sectors. Special instruments, such as burrs, drills and electro-surgical tools, often do not become sufficiently clean in the standard washing and disinfecting unit. The ES 8 medical steam cleaner is the ideal tool to pre-clean such instruments. You can remove tenacious contaminants like burnt-in tissue, blood and bone meal; prolonging the life of valuable apparatuses.

You can clean the insides of hollow-body instruments by connecting them directly to the Luer-Lock-connection at the handpiece or by cleaning them with the optionally available adapter set.

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