ST Floor Standing Machines & Peripherals


The ST range of floor-standing ultrasonic cleaners is perfect for maintenance and service environments. Extensive equipment features ensure that operation is easy and effective. All machines are on castors and can be used effortlessly within different areas of the workshop.

You can manually set the ultrasonic frequency of 25 kHz (for coarse cleaning) or 45 kHz (for more delicate cleaning) with the ST range. The floor-standing ultrasonic cleaners are available in 8 different sizes (29 to 245 litres filling volume) and also include an integrated Sweep , Pulse or Dynamic function for optimum ultrasonic distribution and enhanced cleaning effect.


The ST range’s peripherals and accessories raise the entire cleaning procedure to a new level. They not only speed up the cleaning process, but regular use also greatly lowers running expenses and preserves the environment.


Peripherals include the following:

  • Agitation makes it possible to utilise the full power of ultrasonics for optimum cleaning results – Elma Move
  • Fine filtration gives longer bath life. Minimised tank wear. Higher productivity with lower running costs – Elma Filter
  • Rinse unit equipped with two hand-held showers for deionised or tap water – Elma Rinse
  • Steam cleaner is perfect for pre-cleaning the most stubborn dirt and for drying – Elma Steam
  • Utility platform acts as a pre-cleaning, rinsing, draining and drying surface and can also house a rinse or steam-cleaning unit – Elma Table
  • All options can be retrofitted to existing ST machines

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