Ultra Sonic Cleaning Tank


For fast and powerful cleaning, Turbex can offer you a variety of stand-alone tanks for larger complex components. The ultrasonic cleaning is both gentle and precise, resulting in high levels of cleanliness whilst saving time and labour. Standard tank sizes range between 286 to 1,200 litres (filling volume) however, should you require something larger, we would be happy to accommodate.

These machines are designed for the water-based cleaning of a variety of parts, with heating reaching temperatures of up to 80ºC. A variety of different ultrasonic frequencies and configurations can be offered, depending on the machine range. An integrated Sweep function and a Pulse function for optimum ultrasonic distribution and enhanced cleaning effect are standard.

We can add several accessories such as oil separators, filter pumps, water treatment units and basket agitation. The aerospace, automotive and manufacturing industries regularly use these machines as a significant asset in the cleaning of production equipment.

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