Halogenated Solvent Machines


Safe, effective and environmentally-friendly, halogenated solvent machines provide an all-round solution to a wide range of cleaning tasks.

Turbex takes extra care to make sure that the machines we supply are kind to the environment, as well as your components. That’s why the energy for conditioning the cleaning media via distillation is recycled several times to minimise waste. We make sure that our machines are as cost-effective as possible, and safe to operate for your team.

How do halogenated solvent machines work?

Your components are placed carefully in baskets and cleaned in a hermetically-sealed working chamber with hot solvent. During the cleaning process, parts undergo pressure media circulation and an ultrasound, followed by a thorough steam degreasing. Once clean, parts are gently dried in a vacuum so they’re free from particles and contaminants, and ready to use for your next operation.

When to use halogenated solvent machines?

Degreasing of thin-walled components and capillary bulky material.

For cleaning of oils with low boiling points.

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