A Guide To Vector Kinematics In Parts Washing

Not only can vector kinematics provide excellent cleaning results for precision cleaning with rotation machines, but now there’s an even better aqueous parts cleaning system. Vector kinematics provides a deeper clean for components, reaching surfaces previously missed by traditional industrial part washers.

What is the vector kinematics process?

The cutting-edge vector kinematics process allows even more movement to clean and dry components. Unlike the rigid nozzle system process, the workpieces are not hit at a specific angle. Instead, vector kinematics can provide a thorough clean to all surfaces of the components with its optimal angular variance.

Here’s how it works: 

  1. The nozzle tube performs a rocking movement about its own axis through 35° to either side.
  2. As this is happening, the basket receptacle system rotates at an optimally adapted speed. 
  3. The maviatic controller of the machines calculates the movement of the basket rotation (co- and/or counter rotation) which leads to a targeted clean that has up to a 60% higher application on the component surfaces.

In traditional cleaning processes with a rigid nozzle system, there are more areas which aren’t exposed for cleaning. Thanks to the coordinated interaction of nozzle tube and basket movements in the vector kinematics process, there’s a significantly better exposure of the components, leading to a deeper, all-round clean. 

Areas reached by a rigid nozzle system vs. Areas cleaned by the vector kinematics system.

Why use the vector kinematics system?

With geometries and surfaces that can be reached in a range of ways, the vector kinematics system is ideal for manufacturers of complex workpieces. Here are its other benefits:

  • Fewer spray shadows – excessive cleaning of easily-accessible component regions with valuable resources is avoided. 
  • More economical – the complete cleaning process provides greater efficiency, saving you time and money. 
  • Suitable for a range of components – thanks to the high angle variance, a wide range of different workpiece batches can be processed, from standard operation to sophisticated and varied angular application. 

The vector kinematics process will help you to achieve the speed, quality and cost-effectiveness that’s essential in industrial parts cleaning, both now and in the future. Book your trial today.