Surface World 2022

After over two years without a major international event, we’re excited to announce Turbex’s return to Surface World Live 2022.

Connect with the world’s leading surface treatment experts at Surface World Live 2022

2nd & 3rd March, Hall 11, NEC Birmingham 

After over two years without a major international event, we’re excited to announce Turbex’s return to Surface World Live 2022. 

This is the event for surface treatment, finishing and coating

Surface World is an essential visit for your firm if you engineer, manufacture or work with surfaces of any variety. 

Over 100 of the world’s leading engineering firms will be in attendance over the course of this two-day event. 

These manufacturers will demonstrate their approach to all things surfaces, including design, aesthetics, longevity, functionality and wear. 

Come and see what Turbex and Galvatek do

At Turbex, we offer an extensive range of powerful cleaning machinery. We have over four decades of experience providing surface treatment and precision cleaning for various industries. From traditional to fully bespoke automated solutions, Turbex provide personalised service from concept design to installation. 

Join us at stand D1. Along with our partner Galvatek, we’ll be showing off our incredible surface treatment solutions. 

How we treat surfaces

We enhance machined metal products through anodising, chemical treatment and non-destructive testing. We also provide industrial component cleaning machines and testing solutions. 

Through our fantastic partnership with Galvatek, we’re able to supply multiple industries with fully automated, purpose-built surface treatment plants. We provide: 

Automated anodising lines

Our automated anodising lines are excellent for enhancing the surface of your aluminium components. Treatment through anodisation has three major perks: 

  1. Increased hardness
  2. Enhanced corrosion resistance
  3. Colouring and adhesion 

Anodising is used extensively in industries that necessitate electrochemical treatment, such as the Aerospace, Automotive and Defence sectors. 

Automated chemical cleaning

Used primarily in the Aerospace industry, our automated chemical cleaning lines are designed to clean engine components. Our cleaning takes metal back to its natural state; we can effectively remove:

  1. Paint
  2. Carbon
  3. Scale
  4. Coatings
  5. Oils and grease 

Military and civil aircraft manufacturers use our cleaning solutions extensively for maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO). 

Automated chemical etching 

Used by OEMs and aerospace manufacturers, our chemical etching lines provide a fully automated machining solution. By submerging components into chemical baths, we’re able to shape metal products, as well as add pockets and channels. 

Chemical etching is a viable alternative when conventional machining isn’t an option, or when metal removal has to be totally uniform. 

We not only treat surfaces, we test them too. 

Our NDT (non-destructive testing) can identify surface imperfections in various metals and non-porous materials. NDT is utilised primarily within the aerospace and automotive industries to reliably inspect a variety of components. To achieve this, Turbex employs FPI (fluorescent penetrant inspection) technology for a rapid and accurate testing process.

Non Destructive testing machine

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