Galvatek delivers aluminium surface treatment line to ouneva

Since 2014, Turbex has sold Galvatek’s surface treatment lines into the UK market. The Finnish manufacturer has designed, delivered, installed and continues to service more than 600 turnkey installations in over 35 countries. 

One of the latest lines to start operation is a new surface treatment plant for aluminium components at the Ouneva factory in Tuupovaara, Eastern Finland. The automated line is designed to apply electrolytic tin to aluminium cable connectors used in distribution boards.

The tin plating line delivered by Galvatek represents the single biggest equipment investment in our history. The installation process was the smoothest we have ever experienced.

Mikko Nevalainen, CEO of Ouneva Group

The aluminium line is located alongside a copper surface treatment line delivered by Galvatek three years ago. Both lines share the same Galcont control system and clean water, waste water and ventilation systems delivered by Galvatek in 2013.

The automated tin plating line utilises two methods for suspending components. Barrels are used for small parts and special jigs for larger aluminium parts. The waste water treatment plant uses neutralisation as the main processing method and an ion exchanger and reverse osmosis unit have also been supplied. A Candovent ventilation system, which is specific to Galvatek, is powered by a wet scrubber and ventilation fan.

Galvatek cleaning line

Galvatek is internationally recognised as a supplier of surface treatment lines to the aviation industry, but this installation shows that we also serve customers outside the aerospace sector.

Galvatek’s Managing Director Ulf Pråhl

Ouneva ordered the aluminium surface treatment line in October 2015. It was ready for delivery by May 2016, so only eight months were needed from the time the agreement was signed to start-up of the new line.

Galvatek machine

About Ouneva Group

Ouneva Group is a family company founded in 1972 that has become a leading international supplier of electrical components, with production facilities in Finland, India and Estonia. With annual net sales of approximately EUR 73 million and 530 employees, the group comprises six companies: Ouneva Oy, Jotwire Oy, Alsiva Oy, Valukumpu Oy, Eswire Oü, and Jotwire India Pvt Ltd.

About Galvatek

Galvatek surface treatment equipment, including for anodising and chemical cleaning, is normally fully automated and is renowned for cutting edge technological developments that ensure efficiency, reliability and low emissions.

Supply of electroplating plant forms a large part of the Finnish firm’s business. Such facilities comprise one or several lines of tanks and use typically nickel, copper, chromium, tin or zinc, while silver and gold plating processes can also be supplied.

The manufacturer is also well known in the aerospace industry, as its multi-stage lines for chemical cleaning, anodising and etching are used in the maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) sector as well as in factories manufacturing aircraft parts or engine components.

Chemical surface treatment plants are built either for one specific purpose or as part of a larger package where it prepares parts for other surface treatment phases. Turnkey solutions are regularly supplied, complete with waste water purification and recycling systems.

Contact:  John Huntingdon, Managing Director.