Solvent Tanks


These machines can be used for cleaning using solvent products with flashpoint greater than or equal to 55°C.

These tanks are adapted to use the cleaning liquid specified by the customer and within the required temperature limit. Alternatively, ultrasonic cleaning is also possible using an aqueous media where there are no flashpoint issues.

Available in 2 sizes (28 litres and 60 litres), the solvent tanks have the ability to operate at two different frequencies 25/45 kHz and are ideally equipped for cleaning and degreasing, as well as paint and adhesive removal.

Standard Features

  • Two unit sizes 250 and 550
  • Use of solvents with flash point above 55°C possible
  • Multi-frequency technology 25/45kHz
  • Built-in explosion protection against the forming of explosive atmospheres (primary explosion protection)
  • TÜV certificate for the use of solvents
  • Continuous operation possible due to the cooling system allowing a constant operating temperature
  • Units can be integrated into the Pro-Line and Pro-Line Precision machines

Optional Features

  • Lip extraction ducts
  • Hinged lid (Lift off lid is standard)