Mould Cleaning


Turbex ultrasonic machines can be used for cleaning moulds for rubber and plastic components as well as for cleaning press tools and pressure die castings. Ultrasonics and chemical action combine to clean moulds quickly and efficiently. A typical process time is 15 minutes. The moulds can be large or small, and the cleaning machines range from small bench mounting tanks to large automated machines designed to accept heavy loads.

The ‘MC’ range mould and die cleaning machines are available with one, two or three tanks for wash, rinse and dewatering should this be required. The cleaning of moulds and dies is carried out in the heated wash tank through a special combination of ultrasonic technology and chemical action. The rinse tank is also heated, with air agitation to assist with the rinsing process.

Standard Features

  • Totally stainless steel construction
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Liquid surface skimming and weir in wash tank
  • Low liquid level protection
  • Thermostatically controlled electric heating
  • Drain valve
  • Water inlet valve
  • Work support grill
  • Rim lip ventilation channels in wash tank
  • Protective guide rails
  • Submersible transducer boxes

Optional Features

  • Extraction fan
  • Work platform
  • Rinse tanks (heated or unheated)
  • Dewatering tank with liquid sight glass
  • Standard baskets
  • Jigs for mould plates
  • Drain down/air blow off station
  • Automatic lid opening/closing
  • Ultrasonic rinse
  • Fully automated solutions