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It is not only very fine precision cleaning tasks that are required within the manufacturing industry, service repair and component reconditioning is also required where the items to be cleaned are often large and heavily soiled. The XL range comes in three sizes (between 140 to 300 litres operational volume) and includes an overflow weir and optional skimming equipment and product carriers are suitable here for cleaning heavy and large parts.

The optional heavy-duty basket agitation is integrated within the tank so that the insulated hinged lid can be closed during operation. The cavitation-resistant tanks ensure a long service life for the machine, where the ultrasonics can be base or side mounted. The ultrasonic power can be manually set from 10% up to 100% and other functions such as Pulse, Sweep and Degas increase the cleaning performance by providing a better distribution of the ultrasonic energy or degassing the liquid after a solution change.

Standard Features

  • Large ultrasonic units available in 3 sizes between 140 litres and 300 litres
  • Ideal for the removal of oils, carbon, polishing pastes, particulate and fat
  • High ultrasonic cleaning power with base or side mounted transducers
  • Multi-frequency for coarse and fine cleaning at 25 or 45kHz
  • Industrial, user friendly operating panel with clear display
  • "Controlled cavitational field". By using side-mounted transducers on 2 sides, the cavitation fields can be controlled to optimise the distribution of the ultrasonic energy
  • All units are fitted with oil overflow weir to allow the connection of an optional oil separator

Optional Features

  • Wash basket
  • Insulated, hinged lid
  • Fine filtration
  • Safety drip tray