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The Pro-Line comes in five different sizes ranging between 25 litres and 150 litres with two different multi-frequency versions. It is used for both intermediate and final cleaning of items such as machined components, individually or in bulk (using a rotating basket).

The Pro-Line removes contaminants such as process residues, oil, polishing compounds, particulate, wax, fat and grease. A variety of liquid maintenance options ensure optimum performance time after time and an oil separator gives the ability to use de-emulsifying cleaners. The Pro line is also suitable for cleaning off large quantities of oil.

The different tank sizes make the units suitable for use in a production or maintenance environment and they are Ideal for the removing large quantities of contamination and for cleaning tasks that require a multi stage process. The two different multi-frequency ranges ensure real flexibility for the range which allows for very high precision cleaning or less arduous tasks alike.

Standard Features

  • Five different unit sizes: 30, 55, 80, 120 and 150 litre tank capacity, two multi-frequency versions: 25/45 kHz or 35/130 kHz
  • Switchable frequencies for intensive coarse and final cleaning operations
  • LCD display for the setting and monitoring of all parameters; 5 individual programmes can be stored
  • Ultrasonic power control
  • Pulse feature for increased ultrasonic cavitation
  • Ultrasonic sweep for an optimised distribution of energy
  • Degas function for quick degassing after a tank re-fresh
  • Overflow weir for oil surface skimming, base level tank cleaning and fine filtration possible
  • Stainless Steel construction of tank units and framework
  • Rinse tanks
  • Dryers; Hot air, infrared and vacuum options available
  • Automation with full process control and process visualisation
  • Data logging and traceability (automated units)

Optional Features

  • Basket agitation for an improved cleaning/rinsing effect
  • Basket rotation
  • Fine filtration
  • Water treatment units (RO and/or deionised water)
  • Oil separators