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The Pro-Line Precision range has been created for the when the cleanliness requirement is of the highest level, such as prior to optical coating or medical implant technology. The standard units have rounded tank corners, polished internal surfaces and specially designed rigid pipework which are all designed to avoid particle entrapment within the system. These features coupled with two different multi-frequency options (25/45Khz or 35/130KKhz) ensure these demanding requirements are met.

The Pro Line Precision range comes in two different sizes (30 and 55 litres) and can be used either manually where the machine is operated via the integral control panel with LCD display or automatically using an IPC control system and an integrated data logger.

Thanks to its modular design and accessories that are specifically designed for ultra-fine cleaning, such as hot-air dryers with HEPA filters, infrared or vacuum dryers or enclosures with laminar flow boxes, the Pro- line precision can be capable of adapting to changing requirements.

Standard Features

  • Modular design allowing individual tailoring of the machines
  • Two different multi-frequency options: 25/45 kHz or 35/130 kHz
  • LCD display for the setting and monitoring of all parameters; 5 individual programmes can be stored
  • Ultrasonic power control
  • Pulse feature for increased ultrasonic cavitation
  • Ultrasonic sweep for an optimised distribution of energy
  • Degas function for quick degassing after a tank re-fresh
  • Overflow weir for oil surface skimming, base level tank cleaning and fine filtration possible
  • Stainless Steel construction of tank units and framework

Optional Features

  • Additional rinse tanks
  • Dryers; Hot air, infrared and vacuum options
  • Basket agitation for an improved cleaning/rinsing effect
  • Fine filtration
  • Water treatment units (RO and/or deionised water)
  • Automation with full process control and process visualisation
  • Full enclosure of machine with Laminar flow air filtration
  • Data logging and traceability (automated units)