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The P range is a very high specification bench top unit equipped with special functions, which make it the ideal assistant for demanding applications in an industrial environment as well as in analytical or medical laboratories. These practical units are easy to operate with a clearly arranged display showing all of the set and actual parameters.

The range comprises of 6 different machine sizes with a 37/80 kHz multi-frequency technology making it ideal for a range of different applications. The standard applications are performed at 37 kHz whilst finer cleaning processes run at the high frequency of 80 kHz. The high frequency, which is almost inaudible (with or without the lid in place).

Standard Features

  • Multi-frequency units with 37kHz and 80 kHz
  • Available in 6 different sizes
  • Easy and intuitive operation and setting
  • Clear operator display
  • Power-controlled ultrasonic with high energy density for difficult applications (low frequency) or gentle and quiet for the cleaning of capillaries and small items (high frequency)
  • Voltage 115-120, 220-240
  • Drain valve; 3/8”
  • 7 special ultrasonic features on each unit
  • Normal – for laboratory applications, e.g. mixing, dissolving and dispersing
  • Pulse – Activatable additional power through increased peak performance
  • Sweep – for a uniform distribution of the ultrasonic power throughout the tank
  • Degas – for the quick degassing of samples and HPLC solvents
  • Pause – interrupts the operation
  • Auto Start – automatic start when set temperature is reached