The Elba is your reliable partner in mastering the versatile requirements of industrial parts cleaning. The tried and tested dual wash tank system is compact, powerful, eco-friendly and can be used for a wide range of cleaning applications.

Elba cleaning systems provide clean results after machining processes and are used extensively across a wide range of industries. Companies in the automotive industry and end users in the electronics industry benefit from the Elba’s features. As do machine shops, electro-plating, hardening and coating shops. Bulk materials, single work pieces, as well as batches of stainless steel, mild steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals or even plastics are cleaned reliably.

The dual wash tank technology, in combination with some unique process technologies, offers a wide range of options for efficient processes. According to customer specific demands, the two wash tanks can be used, for example, for washing and rinsing. By offering a rotating pulsed compressed air blast drying system or a stationary hot air drying system, high quality options are available in drying technology. This makes sure we meet our customers’ individual system requirements.

Standard Features

  • Front loading machine with automatic door opening at end of cycle
  • Patented spraying system with counter-rotation of basket
  • Spray cleaning and rinsing in one unit
  • EURO standard baskets can be used (600mm x 400mm x 288mm)
  • Coarse filtration on liquid return to tank
  • Thermostatically controlled electric heating with over temperature alarm/cut-off
  • Thermal insulation of tanks
  • Steam extraction with condenser unit (No need for ducting to atmosphere)
  • Coalescing oil separator with high level alarm in waste oil container
  • Automatic water refill with high level alarm
  • Spray washing & rinsing capabilities
  • Programmable user-friendly control system with full text display (MMC)

Optional Features

  • Combined rotating compressed air and hot air dry
  • Increased working dimensions up to 660mm x 480mm x 338mm
  • Heated turbo drying
  • Mechanical filtration on pressure side of pump
  • Basket rotation speed control including basket oscillation
  • Drip tray under machine
  • Drain pump
  • Deionised water rinsing
  • Loading trolley
  • Automatic load/unload and transfer system
  • Automatic vertical lifting door (replacing hinged door)