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Turbex sells surface treatment and chemical cleaning lines

Lines for surface treatment including anodising and chemical cleaning are now being sold in the UK by Turbex as a result of an agreement with the Finnish company, Galvatek.

Established for over 30 years, the manufacturer has designed, delivered, installed and continues to service more than 600 turnkey installations in over 35 countries. The equipment is normally fully automated and is renowned for its latest technological developments that ensure efficiency, reliability and low emissions.

Galvatek is especially well known in the aerospace industry, as its multi-stage lines for chemical cleaning, anodizing and etching are used in the maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) sector as well as in factories manufacturing aircraft parts or engine components. Continuous development ensures further technological solutions are achieved to create better and more efficient processes for industries where precision, fault-free operation is required.

Supply of electroplating plant forms a large part of the Finnish firm's business. Such facilities comprise one or several lines of tanks and use typically nickel, copper, chromium, tin or zinc, while silver and gold plating processes can also be supplied.

Chemical surface treatment plants are built either for one specific purpose or as part of a larger package where it prepares parts for other surface treatment phases. Turnkey solutions are regularly supplied, complete with waste water purification and recycling systems.

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