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MRO Europe 2015, ExCel London. Turbex Ltd, Hall S4-S10, Stand 9008


A specialist provider of degreasing and washing solutions to the aerospace sector, since 1981. Turbex (www.turbex.co.uk) will focus at the show on cleaning machines and lines for MRO organisations.

High precision, ultrasonic cleaning machines built by Elma (Germany) (www.elma-ultrasonic.com/en) are sold and serviced in the UK by Turbex. The product programme ranges from small bench-top units to bespoke, multi-tank cleaning and drying lines with automation. A hallmark of their construction is multi-frequency ultrasonics, where a single transducer can generate two different ultrasonic frequencies. Consequently, dis-similar components and materials can be processed optimally in the same tank.

The focus at Turbex is on promoting the Professional and Precision lines, which can be built up from a single unit into a fully automatic cleaning and drying line. Emphasis is placed on problem-solving to meet customers’ needs, especially for processing parts of complex geometry to a superior standard of cleanliness, complete with the requisite cleaning media.

A recent addition to the company’s product portfolio is the Galvatek range of surface treatment lines, notably for chemical cleaning and anodising. The manufacturer has designed, delivered, installed and continues to service more than 600 turnkey installations in over 35 countries. The equipment is normally fully automated and is renowned for modern technological developments that ensure efficiency, reliability and low emissions.

Galvatek (www.galvatek.fi) is especially well known in the aerospace industry, as its multi-stage lines for chemical cleaning, anodising and etching are widely used in the MRO sector. Continuous development ensures that technological advances create better and more efficient processes for industries where precision, fault-free operation is required.

Chemical surface treatment plants are built either for one specific purpose or as part of a larger package where it prepares parts for other surface treatment phases. Turnkey solutions are regularly supplied, complete with waste water purification and recycling systems.

Aqueous cleaning system removes wax from plated components

The AC-series of aqueous machines from Turbex have also been successfully harnessed to solve MRO cleaning problems. One customer, Ametek Group member AEM, has replaced a dewaxing tank and a trichloroethylene cleaning tank for processing plated components with a much cleaner, faster and more ecologically friendly alternative - a single, modified Turbex AC-series machine.

In what is believed to be a world first, the three-tank system removes the masking wax and then degreases and cleans components thoroughly in a 30-minute process. The secret to its success lies in the system’s ability to keep the wax molten all of the time that it is in the machine.

Benefits of the technique include not having to shovel wax by hand into sacks and significantly less mess in the working environment. The amount of electrical energy used is significantly lower, 50 per cent less floor space is occupied, and there is the potential to reclaim the wax and use it again once it has been returned to the supplier to be reconstituted.

Hundreds of different line items are processed in the system at AEM, ranging in size from nuts and bolts to inner and outer cylinders for undercarriages. In addition to components masked with wax, other parts are routinely cleaned, such as those that have been non-destructively tested using dye penetrants. General degreasing such as removal of rust-prevention oils is also carried out.

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