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Surface World Live 2020 - Hall 9, Stand D1. 18th - 19th March, NEC, Birmingham


Turbex (www.turbex.co.uk), a leading provider of surface treatment lines, industrial washing machines and non-destructive FPI (fluorescent penetrant inspection) test equipment, will highlight its ability to supply problem-solving solutions to meet customers’ needs.

The firm's product portfolio includes the Galvatek range of plant for applications such as anodising, chemical cleaning or etching. The equipment is especially well known in the aerospace industry, as its lines are used in factories manufacturing aircraft parts and engine components as well as in the maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) sector. Supply of anodising plant forms a large part of the business. Such facilities comprise one or several lines and typically use TSA (tartaric sulphuric acid) or PSA (phosphoric sulphuric acid).

Turbex is also market leader in the UK for the supply of aqueous cleaning and drying systems for batch or in-line processing, which will also be promoted at the show. More than 100 standard models in the range include front- and top-loading spray washers, multi-stage automatic or manual ultrasonic systems, bench top and floor standing ultrasonic models, precision machines with basket rotation and flood options, and tunnel cleaning lines.

One range of machines uses a world-patented system whereby rotation of the holding basket and spray jets is individually adjustable, allowing them to rotate in the same or opposite directions. Programs can be tailored, together with other movement options such as rocking of the basket, to wash even the most complex parts efficiently.

The equipment is aimed primarily at high-precision applications, with the possibility of simulated clean room conditions. Global and targeted cleaning is available in a single process and there will be an announcement at the show concerning a brand new feature, vector kinematics.

Another focus will be modular and bespoke, high precision, ultrasonic cleaning machines with automation. A hallmark of their construction is multi-frequency ultrasonics, whereby a single transducer can generate two different ultrasonic frequencies. Consequently, dis-similar components and materials can be handled optimally in the same tank.

For processing larger parts, Turbex offers the ACV range of PLC-controlled front-loading, spray washing and rinsing models. They are particularly popular for degreasing, phosphating, paint removal, de-rusting and de-scaling.

Manufactured from stainless steel, the machine programme comprises single- and multi-stage units. Standard sizes range from one to three metres in diameter, although larger dimensions are available. The equipment provides a high level of cleaning performance due to ingenious design principles combined with elevated liquid flow rates and spray pressures generated by the powerful pump.

The FPI test equipment completes the Turbex offering. Through the company's long experience of component cleaning dating back to 1981, it has developed an extensive knowledge of the technology and the techniques required for testing and reporting. Its systems utilise expertise in automation and process control to provide consistency and traceability.

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